Digital signage has a whole host of benefits to the restaurateur looking to modernise their business. Available in all shapes and sizes interactive screens can be used to create compelling animated adverts your restaurant’s shop window.

Tablet PCs can be used to bring menus to life by adding in animated content such as sizzling burgers and steamy coffee they are also ideal to place orders or take payment, which allows you to reduce the amount of waiting staff required.

Schedule your menus to change automatically as you move from breakfast through to lunch to dinner, your digital signage menus and advertising can update instantly without staff involvement.

Prices, offers and daily specials can be changed globally on multiple sites through cloud restaurant management software. Ideal for larger chain restaurants and coffee shops digital signage can potentially provide a huge cost saving on staff hours and print costs.

Not just for indoors Lumino AV Solutions also have an excellent range outdoor digital signage. Housed in weatherproof and tamperproof cases with ultra bright screens which can be viewed easily in direct sunlight our waterproof displays are ideal for your restaurants patio, fore-court or garden.