Digital signage is fast becoming a popular choice for modern retailers. Large Format Displays provide an excellent way for stores and shopping centres to make a real impact and advertise their products and special offers in crystal clear HD and 4K clarity.

Digital signage ensures your advertising is flexible and interactive. Images on every screen can be changed in seconds and are able to react to any number of variables; including the time of day, the weather, customers interactions and audience demographics.

Retailers use super bright outdoor and indoor digital signage to create the perfect canvas to showcase their content. Indoor digital signage enables retailers to make their shoppers aware of their latest deals and influence their purchasing habits. Whereas outdoor digital signage helps retailers entice new customer inside their store.

Digital signage leasing is the perfect way for retailers to increase footfall and keep up to date with their competitors while also avoiding a large capital expense. Hamilton Rentals and their sister company Lumino AV Solutions work with retailers to create the perfect display to suit any IT budget.

Why would I lease digital signage?

To avoid capital expense
Spread cost
Ongoing support
Lower print costs
Impactful fast & reactive