How do large venues such as sporting stadiums embrace the latest media solutions and provide a more engaging experience?

Stadiums wishing to invest in the latest AV technology has traditionally resulted in a massive capital expense with an on-going pressure to refresh frequently as technology evolves at an ever increasing rate.
Digital signage for stadiums
Why do even I need a digital signage solution for my stadium or event venue?

Traditional printed media continues to have a high cost to physically produce and to update, is not dynamic or responsive to customer proximity or interaction.
Capitalise on vast real estate and generate additional revenue streams through advertising and sponsorship, tailor your adverting to the event and the demographic of the audience.
Direct the crowds, help your guests navigate around your venue?
Interact with your audience provide video streams, instant replays, scores, statistics
Digital Signage creates a rich multi-media “canvass” that allow venues to create brand messaging that is highly impactful and interactive. Content becomes completely dynamic and able to change depending on an infinite number of factors – the proximity of customer “personalities”, regional variances, sponsors, the event, weather, date/time, special offers etc.. Combine live video streams, instant replays, scores, statistics to help engage with the fans and enhance the atmosphere. Use digital signage to increase revenue with tailored advertising and sponsorship and increase sales of food, drink and souvenirs.

Lumino AV Solutions provide a managed service and are specialists in Digital Signage leasing solutions. Importantly we can enable venues to innovate without the need to run large capital-intensive programs. Our managed service is a simple cost per display per month model including the cost of the display, hosted (cloud) content and digital signage software, installation and the on-going support and maintenance. We also provide options for a regular technology refresh. Simply pay a flat monthly fee and we will work with you to keep you ahead of the technology revolution and continue to provide your fans with the “wow” factor.

Use Lumino AV leasing to keep pace with the highly visual, engaging and interactive media experience customers get at home?